* What causes acne?
---- A combination of inheritance, your hormones, birth control pills/Depo-Provera, Andro or DHEA and aggravating factors such as stress, heat, sweat and friction, and substances which plug the oil glands.
* .How do I cure adult acne?
---- Acne is controlled, not cured. It may continue well into adult life, especially in women
* .Does dirt or diet cause acne?
---- Dirt or diet does not cause acne. Some notice that caffeine, milk or processed foods aggravate it.
* Why does stress worsens acne?
---- Women under stress produce more androgens and both sexes produce more adrenocorticoids
* .Do cosmetics cause acne?
---- Certain foundations/concealers may worsen acne. Use non-comedogenic non-acnegenic products.
* Is it OK to pop a pimple?
---- Picking your acne may cause scars. If a blackhead or pus drop is visible, one gentle squeeze with clean fingertips is acceptable.
*How do hormones influence acne?
---- Some females have hormonal imbalance and produce more androgens or respond abnormally to androgens.

* Most acne conditions will worsen and increase the chance of scarring, if left untreated. Advanced acne therapy involves regular clinical acne treatments and a home skin care regimen using topical medications that are appropriate for your skin type. We will carefully examine your skin using magnification in order to assess the extent and severity of the acne and any associated scarring, pigmentation, and irritation.
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